Thursday, August 9, 2007

being the church versus having church

So I'm a little bitter because this was originally my idea and someone else apparently stole it. I have an email to prove it (the idea part...not the stealing part). But I'm working on getting over that.

Seriously, though, this is (insert extremely positive adjective here). It strikes me as odd that many churches wouldn't even consider doing this because it would be too out of the ordinary, or they were afraid their people wouldn't participate, or it would interrupt their sermon series, or they would lose a week of "income." Part of me wants to know why this is even news. Shouldn't people be accustomed to church being a group of like-minded people who serve in Jesus' name? And yet, it seems as if people were surprised, both within the church and outside of the church by the response and even the idea.

If we would be less concerned about having church and be more concerned about being the church, I think we would find ourself more closely aligned with what Christ had in mind when he initially formed his body.

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Dan said...

That is definitely the case anymore. It is sad that we as believers have become more concerned in having church than being the church. We learn about Christ in any way possible as long as we have Christ in mind. However, it also seems that Christ gave us a vision into this aspect when he opposed the Pharisees view on working on the Sabbath. I think we should take that idea and run with it.