Sunday, November 25, 2007

so this Saturday, as you've assuredly sorted out by now, is World AIDS Day. the church that i work at, The Chapel, has given me quite a bit of freedom to promote WAD as part of my work there, including time in the services, passing out awareness ribbons, etc. kudos, Chapel.

this year, they've allowed me to take this one step further by creating a website. my brother's company, In The Round Productions, did all the site design and launch, and i provided all the content (text, resources, pictures, etc). a few years ago there's no way i would have been able to do this, but over the years i've stumbled across quite a few resources and it's exciting to be able to put them all out there in one place for other people to use.

so i hope that you'll stop in on sometime this week and spend some time praying, learning, and figuring out how to live love to AIDS victims all over the world.

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