Friday, November 16, 2007

One Life Revolution

Marko took some time tonight at the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta, GA to take a glance back at when One Life Revolution, the youth movement of World Vision's AIDS mobilization began. It was very cool to hear him talk about all the things that have been done through youth groups catching a hold of the great responsibility we have to partner with our brothers and sister struggling from AIDS.

It also reminded me that One Life Revolution was a major catalyst (if not "the" catalyst...I can't remember) in getting me involved in AIDS issues. I received some of their material in the mail somehow and used my platform as a Camp Director to raise funds for us to donate to it. And then repeated it with my Jr. High small group at First Friends. And that started me down a path to where today AIDS is a huge part of my heart, a huge part of what I feel my calling is, a huge part of my passion. It's odd to think that such a tiny thing...a piece of mail that grabbed my heart, could influence my actions so much.

I pray that maybe some of my actions around World AIDS Day this year will do likewise in others. That maybe a post on this blog, a ribbon and the conversation that ensues, or reading a resource that I have linked from Facebook will somehow be a tool that the Holy Spirit uses to call someone else to spreadying His love to all of creation...

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